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Linked repeaters serving SW Oklahoma, dedicated to weather!
147.045 plus offset Cyril, Oklahoma
146.715 minus offset Granite, Oklahoma
147.300 plus offset tone 141.3 Duncan, Oklahoma
147.255 plus offset 192.8 tone Grandfield, Oklahoma
147.075 plus offset, Elmore City, Oklahoma
146.745 minus offset  (123.0 tone) Ardmore, Oklahoma

147.045 - plus offset - no tone
147.045 repeater was to be a long haul repeater to connect the National Weather Service with North Texas and Southwest Oklahoma. SWIRA was formed by OKLAHOMA AND TEXAS hams which donated equipment, time and money to the cause. The Cyril repeater has coverage from south of Oklahoma City to 30 miles South of Lawton OK. The repeater was installed in December 1992.

Thanks to N5VIN we have pictures of 147.255, these are thumbnails, click each one with your mouse to view larger image. Thank you N5VIN and KB5OZQ for the recent repairs to the repeater you guys are GREAT!


147.255  plus offset  192.8 tone
The 147.255 Repeater was installed in 1994 to increase coverage in southern Oklahoma and North Texas. KSWO TV, channel 7 donated tower space on their transmitter tower, located Grandfield, Oklahoma. The repeater is continuously linked to Cyril 147.045, Granite 147.715 and has a 40 mile radius coverage area.

146.715  minus offset  no tone
The 146.715 Repeater at Granite Oklahoma was installed on October 2000. The antenna is located on Walsh Mountain, 2500 foot above sea level. This is a long haul repeater with a mobile range of over 80 miles to the south, with lesser coverage to the east, west and north.  146.715 is continuously linked to Cyril 147.045 and Grandfield 147.255.

147.075 Elmore City, Oklahoma
This repeater was purchased from the former Table Top Amateur Radio Club. Located West of Elmore City at 1200 ft. ASL. It is connected via UHF to the Cyril hub repeater. This repeater covers all of Garvin County. The repeater was installed and connected in January 2009. The tone is 123.0 when activated.
Located on Halliburton Tower just North of Duncan, picture to follow later.
147.300 Duncan, Oklahoma
  This repeater is a joint effort between CTARC and SWIRA. SWIRA owns and operates the 147.300 machine in a cooperative effort with the Duncan Club. This repeater serves Stephens and Jefferson Counties of Okla. 147.300 was installed and linked to the Cyril hub repeater in January 2009. Then tone is 141.3 when activated
146.745 Arbuckle Mountains.
   In early 2009, the Okla. Dept. of Emergency Management asked SWIRA to take over operations of this repeater and make it part of the SWIRA Link System. A complete new repeater system was installed and is linked continuously to the Cyril hub repeater. This repeater covers a very large portion of South Central Okla. Counties covered are, Murray, Carter, Garvin, Love and covers area to the east including Ada,  and Durant Okla. The repeater was installed in April 2009. The tone is 123.0 when activated.










South West Independent Repeater Association
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